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You Too Can Be A Helping Hand For Those Struggling With Life

Meet The Amazing Girl Who Provides For The Poor Using Coupon Clipping Skills Hannah Steinberg is an amazing teenager.  After watching the tv show “Extreme Couponing” she came up with a brilliant way to help those who are less fortunate. She used her new found couponing skills to buy $100,000 worth of products which she […]


Don’t Touch My Baby With Those Filthy Hands…Mom!!

Your baby’s first months.  You aren’t thinking about germs or RSV.  No, no.  These Are Exciting Times! Then without so much as a care, you bring your child to the first family event, and like blood-thirsty zombies, everyone mindlessly attacks the baby stroller without even so much as a “G’day Mate!!” to you! Everyone is […]


In Defense Of Sustainable Diapering, Sort Of

Are Commercial Diapers A Threat To Your Baby’s Health? Babies and their skin are sensitive. How is a parent to know what products are best for their newest family member? The amount of information spouted at parents today makes it, at best, difficult to know what’s merely advertising and what really is best for your […]


Cloth Diapers Are Gross, Right?

Cloth Diapers: Are They More Flintstones or Jetsons? Do you have a need to feel like you are helping save the earth by not purchasing Pampers? Do you believe that people who use cloth diapers for their baby is being a bit “over the top” trying to making a statement of some sort?  Well, we […]