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Looking to buy a new baby crib or swanky new bassinet? You've come to the right place! But before you pull out that Amex and go crazy, you should heed our buying advice...

As you may know, being a parent is both the most rewarding feeling in the world and also, the most worrisome time of one’s life. As a new parent, when you first hold your newborn, there is a glow of joy in your heart that will never depart from you.

At the same time comes all the little questions from the dark areas of your mind accompanied by much worry and care that will never depart as long as you have full responsibility over this fragile thing. In the beginning, almost all of us are wondering…

…am I holding my baby, right?

Am I breastfeeding them right, or enough, or too much?

Am I taking the best care to prepare for their future needs?

And when a baby burst out into uncontrollable tears for an unexplained reason, the angst is at its worst.

Many new parents, will agree that comfort for baby is THE paramount priority in order to give you a chance for a little peace-of-mind. Of course, if you are using a crib, you want your child to rest well. If this happens, then you have a fighting chance to get some sleep, too, right?

As a result, it is important to explore the best possible sleep situation for baby…

Not only does the nursery provide the warmest, most pleasingly relaxed environment possible, but the child’s room also plays an important part in the development of the child. Their little eyes open and the things they see first should activate their nervous systems in a way that is inviting and life-giving.

So What About The Crib?

dont drop baby

In the simplest terms, a child’s crib is a small bed designed for infants and young children. The crib is made to keep the baby from falling out of the bed as they gain more control over their bodies and start to become more adventurous. The bed padding, too, is important. The pad should be just firm enough to ensure infant safety should they manage to turn onto their front side.

While selecting the perfect crib for children, parents need to be aware that different babies have unique needs when it comes to cribs.

What works for one parent may be a bit extreme for another. Different needs such as the space available, new versus used, cost and other considerations come into play.

So let’s discuss what we believe are the best cribs for different baby situations.

The Best Cribs for TWINS

Some facts about twins…

1. They are just about the most adorable sight.

2. They share a unique bond.

3. They are a double joy.

4. They are also double worry and expense.

Twins need special attention and a large amount of patience in reserve. And yes, they need special cribs. For twins, it is important to get a crib that is comfortable, one you can afford, and one that can fit in your space.

If you have sufficient room, you can choose to get a crib with a bigger surface area. With larger surface area, the twins can share a single bed with no problems.

However, we believe that it is a better idea to put each twin in a separate crib. This allows both of them space, but as they spent their entire lives together so far, it may take some getting used to for them to sleep this way at first.

The parent can also choose a first crib designed like bunk beds. That’s right. We said it:

Bunk Bed Cribs For Twins!

Seriously cool idea when you see it in action.

They not only have a coolness factor but they also save on space and can be moved around the room easily. However, using one of these you will need to be extra alert as there is more height, and moving parts involved.

bunk bed for twins


If you opt to start the little ones in bassinets, these also have some significant advantages.

First, they can be moved easily, even in small quarters.

There is more way more space saved compared to a crib.

They are comfortable, at least that’s what the babies we interviewed told us...

The cons of bassinets are that they cannot be used for very long. As a parent with some inkling of budgetary concerns, I think it is better to buy something that will give you more service.

bassinet for twins

What about cribs with changing tables attached?

Whatzzatt you say? Well…

These are just cribs that also come with a handy-dandy changing table. This is a nice feature because you don’t have to move the lil pooper far to get the cleanup started. Look for one that also comes with attached drawer which can be used to store the child’s things.

Helps a great deal in the organization. And when faced with a runny poopy mess, you won’t be satisfied if you have to look for the simplest items at crunch time.

The disadvantage with this type of crib is that they can be a little overpriced.

However, so long as the product is excellently useful and stylish, it is worth it, in our humble opinion.

crib with attached changing table and drawer

“But Ann, what if I’m not liking the cribs I am seeing because, well, I’m kinda short?”

Well, my friend, You should be looking at cribs designed specifically for short moms and dads.

crib for short moms

Most cribs are not build to accommodate height challenged parents. So here are some to think about when putting kids to sleep in cribs of whatever size.

First, watch your back. (No, we don’t mean be suspicious of your significant other…well, maybe we do just a little bit..)

Whenever you are lifting the little bundle of joy in and out of a crib, it is important to be careful. We do not want to be hurting ourselves as we do it. Right?

One thing to think about is doing a little carpentry work and hacking normal crib down to size. Hacking the crib bed should be with extreme caution. Mostly because once this is done, the cribs warranty is void. Also, you do not want to introduce any instability into the crib design.

Some recommend using a stool.  We here at do not recommend this because...this...

crib accidents

Another less extreme method is adjusting the height of the crib’s mattress.

Lifting it a bit will do the trick.

It's ok.  You can thank us later.

Let’s talk a bit about Cribs for small spaces.

Small spaces can be a little tricky with a newborn. They need space even though they do not seem like they will ever use it.

Therefore, if a parent has a small space, there are two options to consider.

First, get a crib that can be easily disassembled. When the baby is not using it, it can be folded up and the space used for other things.

Now, at first this is probably not very practical, especially when the child is an infant because they tend to sleep a lot. So what do you do if folding up fails?

This brings us to the second option.

Get a mini crib. There are many carpenters and manufacturers who make mini cribs. However, the price for these cribs are usually more due to the specialized nature of the product. The parent just needs to pick a crib with features that work for them.

bloom alma mini crib

Sleeping comfortably tops the list of a child’s most favorite things. Therefore, ensuring that a crib is comfortable for the newborn is vital.

Secondly, a crib should be safe. The child might stretch and turn a lot, and therefore, safety is paramount. We all know that sometimes babies like to be rocked…

….a bed for a newborn is more comfortable if you can rock the child while they are still in it.

What are the most important things for a baby crib?



Affordability, durability, reliability

And most importantly safety.

Thanks for reading our baby crib buying guide! Be sure to check out our best high chairs guide for 2017 and also our latest stroller guide.