Keekaroo Height Right High Chair Review

You'll Be In Wooden High Chair Heaven

Keekaroo is a hybrid wooden seat just like the Tripp Trapp and even the Svan Signet high chair and the Abiie. Like the Abiie Beyond Y chair, the Keekaroo wooden model has side slots where the tray attaches that can be removed for eating at the table.

It comes in three finishes and several color inserts. However, you’ll want to consider sets that make the chair usable for infants and toddlers as well as older kids, which adds to the cost of using this wooden chair as long as possible. It’s not adjustable for infants.

The Keekaroo Height Right High Chair is a fully adjustable feeding chair that is perfect for babies from six months old on through to adults up to 250 pounds, so yes, take a rest in it sometimes!

Unlike traditional highchairs, the Keekaroo High Chair grows with the child from infancy well into toddler status, childhood, and if you like, adulthood. The Keekaroo Height Right Highchair is made with a plant-based lacquer finish plus the safety belt and plastic tray cover are BPA-free, so it is safe.

The infant seat features a water resistant protective layer that cleans up easily. Designed for hospitals, the material is also crack and puncture resistant, which is definitely necessary for an active baby. The design of the infant seat also promotes proper hip posture.

Cleaning the Keekaroo Chair is also super easy. When your little whirlwind spills food on the tray, you can just wipe up the mess. But when they graduate to bigger messes, the plastic tray cover comes off for easy washing. The rest of the chair plus the infant seat should be wiped clean with warm soapy water.

I particularly like that the infant seat provides an added safety feature: Your child can no longer stand up in the highchair at meals.

The seat and footrest adjust in one-inch increments that allow the chair to grow with the child. Adjusting the chair is as simple as loosening the screws on the sides of the chair and then moving the seat and footrest up or down. Removing the infant seat and tray is also as easy as loosening some screws.

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Safety of the Keekaroo High Chair

Keekaroo has a strong track record of providing safe tested products.  We were able to find no record of recalls or safety issues with the Right Height chair.


Keekaroo Right Height comes in wood, with a Bumbo-like booster for infants that keeps them feeling safe and secure in one place. Infants graduate from this secure seat to toddler padding and finally to a wooden chair without the tray that they can use right through adulthood.

The seat and foot rest are both adjustable.

Easy to Clean

There are cushions for toddlers that graduate from the infant insert, and I love that both of these attachments are made from easy-to-wipe foam that keeps the chair clean and make it impossible for food to gather underneath.

This is probably the easiest of all the chairs to clean.

Harness Straps

The drawback to easy cleaning? Part of the reason is that the Keekaroo is the only high chair we reviewed that doesn’t feature a 5-point harness, but only comes with a 3-point strap.

Saving Space

This wooden chair has a reasonable footprint that resembles an adult chair more than a baby high chair. It’s not meant to be put away, and like all our top picks, it stays out all the time and gives baby a seat at the table. In this case, the base isn’t even unreasonably large, and the chair seems sturdy anyway.


The infant insert of this chair gets high marks. It’s basically bullet-proof, taking whatever abuse your toddler can throw at it. It offers some ergonomic support, and keeps newly sitting infants in a comfortable and safe position with a crotch bump and high sides.

The wooden chair was conceived and made in the U.S.A., alongside its inserts. It’s an heirloom wooden piece that should last through college and on through to the next generation of infants.

Mom’s Choice

Seeing infants use the chair won us over. At first it’s hard to see how this is any different from the many similar chairs out there. But kids love this one, and it’s gorgeous, small, and looks more like a piece of furniture than some of the other wooden chairs that somehow end up festooned with fabric and neon junk to give them baby functionality.

Not Keekaroo. The genius of this brand proves you don’t need all the fussy accessories that really only undermine your quality product.

We love the Keekaroo Right Height high chair for letting parents go straight to a well-designed wooden table chair without trying to come up with a brilliant way to strap a newborn to it.

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