Micuna Ovo High Chair Review

The Ovo comes with both fabric and leather strap options for two different price points but finally busting through the perception that a high chair has to have those cheap, woven straps that are impossible to wash. For this alone, Micuna is an innovator that should stand the test of time.

Micuna is a European brand that has not been in the states for long, giving you a leg-up on the other parents on the block for original design. The Ovo is a round birchwood and plastic pod that marries cool Spanish design with baby feeding in a new way – the Ovo’s tray is fixed and offset, making your infant look like she’s enjoying a snack at an old-school Baskin Robbins or writing on a scrivener’s desk.

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There are even limited edition Ovo chairs to complement their classic original color offerings (white and black chairs, plus seat covers in pink, red, blue, white, and tan). Limited edition Ovo chairs have colored chair tips and new cushion designs for a cuter look without sacrificing your design aesthetics.

It’s a cozy chair that still sports great design and a high-tech approach: from its polyethelene shell and injection mold design, this egg looks as sweet as it is stylish.

Safety of the Micuna Ovo High Chair

Micuna doesn’t come with a crotch post, but does have an imitation- leather strap that makes it difficult for an infant to slide through and even harder to rub and scratch an infant. The strap and 5-point harness meet the industry’s voluntary safety standards, and its wide legs feel sturdy.


The Micuno Ovo’s plastic leg tips can be removed, making the chair lower and useful for kids’ rooms as they grow. This gives kids an Eames-style arm chair for future schoolwork, though Micuna just touts the chair through age 6.

This is probably because its cozy design means your child will eventually outgrow the seat and move on to a big-kid desk chair. In the meantime, you can keep the awesome design and get a longer-life product than almost any of the other chairs, except the Stokke Tripp Trapp which lasts a lifetime.

Easy to Clean

Leather straps are the Micuna Ovo high chair’s big selling point in the cleaning department.

The chair comes with fabric, which is always a sticking point. However, it’s fully removable, and you could opt to use the chair with even smaller tots with no insert whatsoever, and only have to worry about wiping the crotch and harness straps. The egg itself is easy to wipe and with only the shell and legs making the journey out of toddlerhood with your child, looking perfect for the wear.

Harness Straps

Harness straps come in both leather and fabric. The leather is soft, but I could see it rubbing a child who did not fi perfectly and being uncomfortable to use. We do love that the straps come from behind the baby’s shoulders, though, with adjustable heights for the best fit possible.

Saving Space

Micuna Ovo is a stand-alone chair. No folding and storing allowed here, though the chair does convert to a “regular” desk chair and fits into your own décor. Because the design doesn’t scream “baby,” but “hip Valencia mama,” it’s an addition that’s supposed to add to your kitchen.

The footprint is not overwhelming, though the legs offer good span and support.


Ovo’s claim to fame is superior quality, with leather options and thoughtful design. Because it grows with a child, it can be passed down to friends or future generations. This makes the price point more appealing than a throwaway model – there’s no wasted investment with the Micuna Ovo.

Mom’s Choice

Euro moms have known the Micuna name as a standard in design and green-thinking for decades, but the Ovo is brand new in the U.S. The Ovo offers not only streamlined engineering, but beechwood and adorable packaging that make it great for moms who appreciate that their house won’t turn into Romper Room once their baby makes an appearance. They absolutely love the round packaging and the possibility they can use it as storage in their baby’s room as well as actually enjoy looking at the high chair.

Because the design-centric chairs have few moving parts, there is little to hate about them. There are no folding mechanism to break, few moving parts to pinch tot fingers, and no problem cleaning all those crevices. Streamlining your mama-life is what it’s all about.

Consumer Reports Says

Not a lot! Micuna is still a European company with a few short years of U.S. experience. The U.S. version of the high chair has a fixed tray table because U.S. standards do not allow it to swing, but other safety features have been standard on European models for years. The whole high chair industry self-polices itself with voluntary safety features like crotch posts and harnesses. In this case, there are 2 different ways Micuna stops infants from slipping out of the chair: a strap and the 5 point harness, making this high chair similar to the others in the U.S. market right now.

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