Svan Signet Wooden High Chair Review

You Don't Have To Pay A King's Ransom For A Nice High Chair
Svan Signet

The Svan Signet can be ordered with a baby kit and trays for a moderate price, and offers a more mod wood design for parents who love the modern look of the single stalk chairs but the natural design of the Scandinavian high chairs. The set makes this uniquely designed high chair appropriate for 6-month olds through school-aged kiddos.

It’s not for infants, however. The Signet has no recline and is focused on mealtime.

You might be interested to know that according to
Grow-With-Me High Chairs -The recommended Svan Signet Complete comes with a conversion “baby kit” that is added to a basic chair base. As your child grows, you’ll have to keep an Allen wrench handy to make the necessary adjustments. Same goes for the other two grow-with-me chairs we tested, the Badger Basket Embassy, and the Stokke Tripp Trapp. All three are a bit quirky looking but that didn’t prevent them from passing our safety tests with flying colors. Where the Badger Basket and the Stokke missed the mark was on our ease of use tests, which the Svan Signet aced.

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Your child will love eating with the family with the Svan Signet Complete High Chair with the Optional Seat Cushion. Specially designed to fit standard-sized tables, this highchair is constructed to grow with your child from the time they're six months of age until they reach five years of age. The adjustable seat depth supports your child with structural rigidity and the adjustable foot rest gives a nice sturdy platform for their feet.

The back is height-adjustable as well and really easy to move. You can feed your child in the kitchen while multitasking and then sit it near the table for family meals. The specially designed five-point adjustable harness ensures that it will keep your child safe, while the ergonomic adjustments allows your child to be as comfortable as possible.

Felt pads on the base of the legs protect the beauty of your floor and of course, all materials used in constructing this highchair is BPA and phthalate free, so you know it's safe. You can easily remove the tray when your child finishes eating and hang it on the back of the chair for storage. For a little spice feel free to add the one of the colorful seat cushion options to your order of the highchair as this will give added comfort and a splash of color to match your decor.

The chair is designed to be easy to clean, as you can simply wipe the cushion down or put it in the washing machine for a more thorough cleaning.

Safety of the Svan High Chair

The Svan gets top scores for a wooden chair because of its wide, square base, addition of a 5-point harness, and stable baby set which, like the Tripp Trapp, offers more protection from falls for newcomers to the table.


Putting the Signet together in the first place can take some doing, but that’s because it offers los of adjustment features later on for your growing child. The footrest and seat both adjust, and the tray is removable if you prefer to use the Signet at the table.

Is The Svan Signet Easy to Clean?

Yes...and No. The wooden design wipes clean easily, and there’s a dishwasher safe plastic tray top that’s also a snap. But removing it can be a trick and the infant padding must also be machine washed. However, if used as a wooden chair only, when pulled up to the table, cleaning the Svan Signet couldn’t be easier.

Harness Straps

Past versions of the Signet had three-point straps, but voluntary safety regulations have improved and Svan’s design comes with a 5-point harness that keeps little ones from falling out. Like the Tripp Trapp, the harness straps are low on this chair which also has a low back and ergonomic design. They’re also available in black, which keeps them looking nicer, longer.

Saving Space

Signet is a unique design but the skinny profile uses a wide base to prevent tipping. It’s meant to be seated at the table, though, and does not fold and store.

Quality Around the Dinner Table

The Signet brand has been around a long time, and the design improvements on the Signet high chair are apparent. The natural wood and espresso finishes are gorgeous, and the design looks simply inspired in the dining room when compared to plastic chairs. Like the Tripp Trapp, your toddler can climb into the chair all alone and sit at the table, two big bonuses when you’re encouraging your child to be both independent and able to enjoy the social interaction around the dinner table.

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I had long been interested in a wooden highchair when shopping around for baby gear, since I knew they made a great investment (and looked great, besides). I was excited then to try out the Svan Signet Complete Highchair, since not only was it wooden, but it transitioned through a child’s years, all the way to becoming a full-sized chair on which even a big school-aged kid (or adult) could sit. (Click this link to see a great video demo of the different stages of the chair. Link also includes online assembly instructions.)

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