Best Reviewed Strollers and Travel Systems

The quandary of having to juggle a stroller and a car seat at the same time is now a thing of the past with the acquisition of a car seat and stroller combo. This travel system is great for shopping about in the city. It is impossible to carry a car seat around the city with you while you also push a separate stroller. The answer is of course a car seat stroller system. This combo is usually very simple to use; you simply wheel up to the car, pick up the car seat (with the baby in it) squeeze a lever and store the stroller in the trunk. You can then place your sleeping baby in the car seat holder and poof - you're ready to roll. When you arrive home, simply un-strap the seat belt, pick up the car seat and child, place the seat on the stroller and you're away. This combo is fairly lightweight and folds up to fit into small spaces. It's very cool that you don't have to wake a sleeping baby when you leave the car to place them in a stroller.

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