Bloom Fresco Contemporary High Chair Review

A Really Nice High-Chair

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The ​Bloom Fresco offers an alternative to the Mima Moon egg-shaped high chair for parents looking for a contemporary design and a single stalk chair on a round base: instead of 70s moon chair, think mod diner stool.

The Bloom Fresco chairs start at a fairly high price, but their limited edition and popular colored high chairs can cost more. The Bloom Fresco is slightly smaller than the Mima Moon, and fits from newborns through 79 pounds semi-adults. It can be used as a newborn cradle, high chair, and youth chair, just like we say in the Mima Moon high chair review. There are three different recline positions for the smallest of babies. Best of all, it comes with the newborn and toddler inserts and there are lots of colors.

See Bloom Fresco Pricing Here

Safety of the Bloom Fresco High Chair

There are no negative reports we could find regarding any safety issues with the Bloom Fresco Highchair.  It is built to last and is obviously well-engineered.  It has plenty of nifty features, too, including pneumatic height adjustment, a dual tray, one-handed recline, the ability to spin 360 degrees and smooth surfaces that are easy to clean.


A lever behind the chair makes the recline adjustable and a locking height adjuster and swivel adjuster mean you can use the chair at the table and even counters. There are two wheels in the front of the chair so that you can move it easily. You can also change up the foot rest so that it accommodates any baby sitting up in the high chair.

With so many infant choices, many parents say the chair is geared more toward infants and baby feeding, and that it loses its practicality past the toddler years.

Easy to Clean

There are two trays on the Bloom Fresco so that a food tray can be pulled away and a secondary tray underneath keeps you covered. The tray and crotch bar can be removed without tools, which makes this model easier to clean, too.

Finally, this chair comes with spongy pads that are Velcro-ed to the chair shell so that they can be wiped and removed for cleaning underneath without having to launder fabric or deal with mold in the crevices of the chair. The design really makes cleaning the top priority in this chair! We love that the chair still features one of the biggest trays, so it doesn’t shy away from its primary purpose for mealtimes.

However, food trapped beneath the insert needs to be cleaned. This chair comes with lots of adjustability and that means screw holes, strap harness holes, Velcro, and places for food to hide. It’s all designed to be wiped clean, but it’s not as simple as the no-frills chairs.

Harness Straps

The harness straps on this chair are accessed by pulling off the pad and digging in the back of the chair. We always feel like we’re rooting around backstage, where we’re not supposed to be, when we adjust high chair straps and this model is no exception. Keeping the strap mechanisms concealed but still easy for parents to reach and remove for cleaning is just a trick we don’t think any manufacturer has mastered yet. The back straps click and lock into the chair shell, though, which is a neat mechanism that makes them easy to work with when you do get back there. We love that they match the insert colors, which makes them a little cleaner in the face of messy meals than white straps.

Saving Space

The chair has an average footprint. Like the Mima Moon, the chair has a salon chair design with a single post but a big base to add stability and prevent tipping. It can’t be folded, but if you’re investing in a chair that grows with your child, you may not want to store the chair anyway.


There’s a crotch post as well as high chair bar that connects to the tray top for two levels of support for smaller babes who may slide down in the chair. There are also snap-on safety plastic protectors to prevent any pinched fingers in the mechanisms of the chair.

This chair does swivel, which may make it a target for toddlers wanting to spin their siblings (wheeeee!) or climb up on the chair, which could make the chair less safe than less fun models. The swivel mechanism can be locked, however, to prevent kids from realizing that this chair could also be used as a toy.


While “chrome limited edition” screams cool factor, these moon and pod chairs don’t seem as likely to be handed down as their wooden cousins. Why? They still have plastic pieces that can degrade and crack over time. They have inserts that use Velcro to hold them to their shells, and we wonder if those will still be available to buy a generation from now. Further, food and debris under the foam inserts can start to smell or mold, and while these are the best models for letting you clean thoroughly, there are still plenty of moving parts on these chairs.

Their best features? They offer plenty of bells and whistles for frazzled, one-handed mamas pacing with babies: you can rock, feed, tray, spin, and raise and lower babies in these infinitely adjustable chairs. But we wonder how easy it is to fix those moving parts when they break versus a simpler, stylish chair.

Mom’s Choice

We love that the Bloom Fresco finally gets the baby seat off the floor and into the real world where it’s easier to see the baby and where the baby can see you as well! Finally!

This is a beautifully designed chair, and we also think you will love getting compliments on it from friends. But it’s not as practical as we thought it would be, and we’re wondering how long past toddler-hood we can actually keep it around.

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Consumer Reports Says

Nope! These European model chairs don’t often hit the high chair testing circuit. Why not? It’d be great if they did. In the meantime, the Bloom Fresco has all the safety features that U.S. model chairs have: it features a crotch post and 5-point harness and has been engineered so that it’s resistant to tips. ​

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