Mima Moon Highchair Review

Mima Moon – Straight Out Of The Jetsons!

The Mima Moon highchair is another baby meal time chair that we love! Actually, it’s a little misleading to call this product a high chair. The Mima Moon 3-in-1 actually includes a baby seat, high chair, and child chair but only the second stage is designed for feeding. For most of its life, the Mima Moon is just a beautiful chair that will accompany your child without making you feel like you live in a fortress full of plastic. It can even go to college with your child if they slide in under the 99 pound weight limit!

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The Mima Moon chair’s plastic and metal construction may not seem as enviro-friendly as the beechwood alternatives in our top high chairs series. But that’s not the point: the Mima Moon is a space-age design chair, meant to fit into your mod décor seamlessly, never getting thrown to the curb as soon as your child doesn’t need a high chair anymore.

Safety of the Mima Moon High Chair

While previous Mima Moon chairs were recalled due to the tipping hazard that kids underneath them presented, the newer versions in stores now have a wide base and safety features like a crotch bar to prevent falls and a 5-point harness.


The high chair insert fits babes up to three years old and the high chair is meant to grow with your child through childhood. However, the feeding options aren’t as adjustable. There is a single tray position on this high chair, and a foot rest only for the 6-month to 3-year high chair position.

The height of the chair is the best designed adjustability feature: with a single hand, the chair can be raised or lowered before putting your infant inside.

Easy to Clean

I am always a fan of seat pads that are spongy and can be wiped down rather than laundered or even worse designed with grooves where food can hide. This chair is well designed so that food can’t get under the pads easily. We can’t express how special this is!

Harness Straps

The harness straps on this model are pretty standard, and our only complaint is that they match the white plastic high chair insert and can be hard to clean. Removing the straps is easy because the high chair seat pops out of the clear chair shell and getting to the back of them is simple.

Saving Space

This is the biggest chair in the round-up! It’s M-shaped base has been designed to keep babies safe from falls, which means that its wide legs make a large circle footprint on the floor. It’s not foldable and is definitely not portable. It seems like space saving and safety are at odds in most high chair designs, with wider, larger models offering greater assurance that an infant cannot tip the chair. In this case, you’re choosing a wide base and losing some of the versatility that comes from a more portable chair.


Mima is heirloom quality baby gear, and while you may eventually need a new insert, the solid frame chair is designed to accompany a child as they grow.

Mom’s Choice

Mima is another European mommy product model with limited traction in the U.S. It’s all about the design and the company stresses their commitment to both safety and innovation, as well as creating beautiful experiences for moms and babies. Mima doesn’t have a strong presence in the U.S. high chair safety testing trials, either. It does come with the typical safety features, like a crotch bar and harness, and design adjustments have been made to make sure the chair is not a tip hazard from toddlers lingering underneath it or that small children using the high chair can’t tip the chair from inside.

It is very stylish, truly, and easy to use. All the complaints about how hard it is to clean are partially true but also, i think, exaggerated. After a few uses it is clear how to keep it clean and then after that it is not that big a deal. We REALLY like it!

SF GustavaBuyer

We purchased the chrome version and it looked AWESOME in our kitchen. I see other high chairs in my friends kitchens and they dont come close for looking chic and modern. It is a showpiece everyone comments on and we love that the chair spins around- something I took for granted until I realized all chairs don’t do this. We can spin our little girl around to see the TV and then when a show ends, swing her back around to face the kitchen for family time…its really an excellent feature. Unfortunately, we had an issue with the booster seat breaking and contacted customer service. They were responsive and very generous in their reply to us which I appreciated. Yes, you will get some food in the nooks and crannies and it is difficult to get out but regardless, after 2 years of us, I still love the look and easy use of this BLOOM chair. It is easy to wipe down, the tray snaps on and off with ease, the foot rest grows with the child growing and it is nice that you can raise and lower the chair. No chair is perfect, I see some of the negative reviews here, but overall this was an excellent purchase and we are very happy with it! THANK YOU BLOOM!


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