OXO Tot Sprout Wooden High Chair Review

The OXO Tot High Chair is a classic option with design-credentials. There are even 6 colors and 4 types of woods available to complement its sleek lines. It doesn’t scream “baby gear!” in your otherwise coordinated kitchen, but you can choose to add cushions with a pop of color that make the chair more fun. Hate the idea of eco-green and walnut or even hot pink? Taupe, grey, or even navy get your kitchen out of the doldrums of baby-centric design.

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You can even buy replacement pads and seat back cushions, so if you’re thinking about redecorating, your Oxo Tot will continue to blend right in with your non-baby décor.

Fair warning: The OXO Tot does not have any seat recline or infant options, and doesn’t convert to a desk chair once your toddler is ready for a spot in your “real” dining chairs.

Safety of the OXO Tot High Chair

It’s not a traditional safety concern, but we love that the OXO Tot front tray comes off with a single hand, which only makes sense for parents who have a baby in the other arm! This has been a frustrating part of high chair history for a long time. This feature makes handling baby and chair easier and it definitely feels safer. There’s nothing as frustrating as trying to wrestle with warm food, a baby, and a chair at once.

In fact, the whole high chair is tool-free, which contributes to its safety profile. There are no butterfly fasteners or screw heads poking out where new walkers can scrape themselves. The parts are adjustable so that every baby, at every stage, has a safe and secure foot rest, back support, and tray spacing.

Adjustability: Growing with your Child

The OXO Tot Sprout really shines on growing with your child. It’s meant to be a long-term highchair. It shows. The tray, seat, and footrest are all adjustable, whereas most chairs just offer seat and footrest adjustments. No more belly pinching!

The OXO Tot’s tray is also fully removable so that an older child can eat at the table with the family. However, the OXO Tot high chair, unlike some of the competitor offerings we’ve reviewed, has arms that hit many dining tables and prevent the high chair from sliding under them. A table must have 26” of clearance in order to use this high chair as a toddler chair at the table.

The seat also features three positions, and uses an easy “push and snap” side trigger to remove the bottom of the seat and lock it into a new position. The highest position is for infants, and the child can gradually move down as their legs get longer and they are at table-height with the rest of the family.

The center crotch support can be removed as your child grows as well, though this adjustment requires working with the screws that keep the leg piece attached to the chair.

How to Clean the OXO Tot

The OXO Tot Sprout highchair is incredibly easy to clean! I really love the detachable vinyl back and seat cover with require absolutely no effort to completely peel off the plastic, wipe, and replace. And that’s only if you get food on the bottom of the cushions. For most everyday use, a damp wipe puts you back in the game and the chair looking new.

The design of this highchair is also spot-on because there aren’t any folds or ruffles in the fabric where food can hide. Unfortunately, the underside of the cushions is absorbent and may need to be removed and cleaned.

The most stand-out, awesome Oxo Tot feature to me is the deep tray. Spill a sippy cup? No problem. The Oxo Tot tray not only comes out one-handed, but stays level so that you don’t end up spilling the tray yourself. And it can hold up to 7 ounces of liquid.

Brilliant! This feature alone makes the Oxo Tot our favorite traditional high chair. Because cleaning your high chair shouldn’t mean wiping, taking off the tray, spilling all over the floor, mopping the floor, and washing the tray. Who has time for that?

Finally, the tray pulls out and sits flat and level wherever you set it. Yes, please. No one has the time to clean up an uneaten meal while your infant is upset. Simply pull off the tray, set it on the counter, and take care of your baby.

Harness Types

The 5-point harness keeps even smaller infants upright and unable to lunge across the tray or slip out of the Oxo Tot Sprout. The straps are useful for younger children and can accommodate even small infants, along with the contoured back which helps keep tiny bodies in alignment.

The straps are light and the clips small, however. The OXO Tot high chair was definitely not designed like a car seat, and instead offers just enough to belt in a wiggly infant. Straps can get dirty, however, and are removable so that they can be machine-washed after messy meals.

Saving Space

The OXO Tot high chair is a good compromise between big, unwieldy chairs and smaller, less sturdy models. It moves easily around hardwood floors, does not feel like a tipping hazard, yet packs a compact footprint. It’s even recommended for apartment or small home living.

The OXO Tot does not fold up at all, though. It’s not ideal for families who want to store it between meals or take it on vacation.


This is a chair that gets raves and with its heirloom wood profile, promises to be around for all your children. It’s biggest drawback is that cushion replacements may not be available in 25 years when your little tyke needs it for their own children. The wood and plastic design, however, will surely stand the test of time.

Mom’s Choice

Oxo Tot is beloved for its modern design, small footprint, and how easy it is to clean. These three features are the heart of this high chair and the top features moms note when they talk about why they love this one!

Consumer Reports Says

Consumer Reports assessed the Oxo Tot high chair and says it “got everything right” – it was easy for testers to use, easy to clean, and tested well on safety features. One of just two top picks in safety tests, the Oxo comes with high accolades from a tough consumer group, letting parents know just how special this high chair is.

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