Stokke Tripp Trapp Highchair Baby Set Review

Stokke’s High Chair​ Is Fully Awesome!

Stokke makes a wooden high chair with an optional newborn set attachment that allows infants to use the chair from day one. With a newborn set, a baby set, and the wooden chair alone for toddlers to use through adulthood, Tripp Trapp is the Swiss Army knife of high chairs, truly an heirloom piece your tot could take to college and use for their own children one day.

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This Scandinavian high chair has been almost unchanged since its introduction in the early 1970s. The Tripp Trapp’s design is modular, with one gorgeous wooden chair, but accessories you can add that quickly escalate the cost, but also add to the function, of this stylish chair. There aren’t just a newborn and baby set, there’s also a tray for families who love the style of the Tripp Trapp but don’t want to feed their child at the table for every meal. With all the sets, there’s really no limit to Tripp Trapp’s functionality.

The extra sets don’t come with the Tripp Trapp, but for families that want to include their infant at the table from the very beginning, the Tripp Trapp is a good choice. The baby set includes a plastic back support and front piece with cut-out leg holes. Fabric cushions are available in all kinds of designs, and must be washed to be cleaned.

Safety of the Stokke Tripp Trapp High Chair

​Stokke’s Tripp Trapp high chair comes with safety gear to make it as safe as possible: there are gliders on the bottom of the chair’s back legs that give the chair extra extension backwards; in other words, it’s less likely to tip back, while keeping the footprint of the chair small. They also help slide the high chair away from a table when your infant kicks, further helping prevent a tip.

Stokke even alerts parents that carpet is not an appropriate surface for the chair because it is designed for table use. Children can leverage the table in any chair to kick themselves over. This is a drawback of any infant chair that will be used at the table, particularly those with small footprints that might be easily tipped.

Stokke works to minimize the risks with safety testing and constant updates; they recently changed the baby set to include a plastic front piece with leg holes to increase safety. There’s also a 5-point harness that slides over your infant’s shoulders, making the high chair even more secure.


Tripp Trapp’s slotted sides allow for almost infinite adjustments for the seat and foot rests, making it perfect for all ages. Toddlers can climb into the chair themselves and adults can even use the chair comfortably, so this chair really encourages independence. We love that!

That the chair lasts a lifetime is its biggest selling point. Genius adjustability is key to making it happen.

Easy to Clean

The Stokke Tripp Trapp chair is, at its core, 100% birchwood. That makes it environmentally friendly, but it also makes it a cinch to clean and keep looking new for generations. The wood grooves can trap dirt and food, but are simple to wipe.

See Stokke Tripp Trapp Pricing Here

While the sets need to be replaced, the chair itself wipes clean. The baby set can be washed and does wipe clean. While the cushions are not vinyl, they can be wiped after each use. Dark colors work best, however, as growing kids not only spill but wipe their hands on the fabric.

For one of the easiest, fabric-free high chair choices on the market today, the idea that the harness should only be wiped clean and not laundered seems to be an Achilles heel. What? Have you ever tried to wipe twice digested green bean from white straps?

New inserts keep the chair looking on-point for future children, while the wooden frame can just be wiped clean after every meal to keep it looking brand new through years of abuse. Because Stokke’s been making the Tripp Trapp for 40+ years, at least you know new inserts will always be there if you want to change designs.

Harness Types

The Stokke 5-point harness always seems a little strange to me, and that’s because the chair itself isn’t a protective pod; the shoulder straps do not project from the back rest or require taking off the padding to find or adjust. Instead they come from the seat cushion and go up and over the infant like suspenders.

The baby set snaps to the back of the seat and the harness straps project from the bottom of the seat back as if there were no plastic backing. We think the set is sturdy and safe, but offers less restriction than other chairs if your infant prefers more freedom of movement.

Saving Space

The Stokke Tripp Trapp chair does not have legs projecting out at all angles, taking up half the dining room. It functions more like a normal chair, and parents even gush that their school children still use the Tripp Trapp for homework! If anything, parents complain that the Tripp Trapp is too shallow, and they’d prefer a bigger seat and footprint.

While the footprint is a lot like a chair, the Tripp Trapp doesn’t fold away. You won’t be packing this chair for overnights to Grandma’s house, but you will have a quality heirloom piece in your dining room for years to come.


Stokke gets amazing reviews that their chair looks the same on day 1,001 as it did the day you bought it. The finishes are quality, too, and have the fewest complaints of any of the wooden chairs that they bubble, suffer water damage, or get chipped.

Mom’s Choice

The Stokke scores mom points for its European design, generational appeal, and usability well into your child’s college years – like an heirloom!

However, it rates a little bit less appealing from the beginning, with some moms unsure about the usefulness of the newborn and infant sets while remaining loyal to the high-chair itself and the promise that it will look good at the family table for years to come.

Consumer Reports

The Tripp Trapp doesn’t have any cheap or flimsy parts that Consumer Reports tells parents to watch out for; in fact, it’s a solid safety choice in a world of high chairs with folding pieces, sharp plastic, exposed screws, and scratchy fabric. There’s no crotch post, but the baby set comes with molded leg holes so an infant can’t fall through. There are no wheels to lock and no tray for your infant to disengage. Overall, the Tripp Trapp naturally avoids many of the most dangerous features of other high chair models.

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