You Too Can Be A Helping Hand For Those Struggling With Life

Meet The Amazing Girl Who Provides For The Poor Using Coupon Clipping Skills

Hannah Steinberg is an amazing teenager.  After watching the tv show “Extreme Couponing” she came up with a brilliant way to help those who are less fortunate.

She used her new found couponing skills to buy $100,000 worth of products which she then donates to the needy.

Hannah started a nationally recognized non-profit called “Our Coupons Care” to further her ability to reach those in need with items they can use. The twist is, when her organization receives a dollar, the donor truly believes they will get their money’s worth given her skill at cost cutting and coupon stacking.

It’s gifts of generosity like this that helps lift the spirits of people who live in extreme poverty, who do not even have a roof over their heads. Like little Tristian, his mother Norma, and his stepfather Wilbert, who is an unemployed Army veteran, currently don’t have any other options.

“People don’t think that men cry and stuff… But this situation will actually make you feel that way,” says Wilbert.  “And it gets to the point where you fear for your children’s future, — but you you go on. There’s a lot of people with even worse problems in here.”

There are almost 25,000 other families who in New York City alone, on any given night, have no other choice but to sleep in a New York City homeless shelter.

While it’s not feasible to help everyone who needs a helping hand, if one person does one small, easy to perform, low cost step to benefit another person, the world slowly becomes a better place.

“There are thousands and thousands more families in this city, who are just teetering on the edge of homelessness. We need to find a way to really deal with this. It’s that critical.”

Would you like to be like Hannah and take a small step toward helping someone in need?

What if you could help without studying Extreme Couponing for months on end, or spend more than the cost of driving the stuff to your target of choice?

Ok – here’s our proposal for a better world –

  1. Simply obtain a free sample of baby products (you can click image below to find out more)
    • Cost? An email entered in a signup form
  2. Receive the sample product
    • Inspect and make sure nothing’s wrong
  3. Take the sample product to your entity of choice designed to help struggling families
    • Cost? Gas and time
  4. Pat self on back once or twice because You Took Action!

The image link below connects to just one of hundreds of U.S. marketing companies urgently trying to Give Product Samples Away.

Once you’re ready to give again, simply find more offers like this then rinse and repeat to spread massively easy goodwill to your corner of the world!

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