The Silver Cross Wave Pram is a Really Expensive Stroller!

The Uber-High-End Pram: Is the Silver Cross Wave Stroller Worth The Price?

UPDATE – It has been released –and yes, us Yankees can buy one here!

So here’s the deal: You’ve got money.  You’ve got comfort. You’ve got…A Baby!!

Right there is when you realize that money can get you a lot of things but definitely can’t buy love.  Your precious baby will always love you and this is what makes each of us do whatever it takes to A: Ensure their highest comfort; and B: Give the future generations something of value they can depend on.

This is where a multi-generational purchase comes into play.  And in this case, we are talking about a pram purchase. More specifically, we’re talking about the new Silver Cross Wave Stroller being introduced this year!

First, let’s be frank… This pram isn’t for everyone​.  It is expensive by many people’s standards.  However, when looked at as a high-quality heirloom that should easily comfort multiple generations, the price suddenly doesn’t look so bad.  In fact, in some circles, it would be considered a downright bargain.

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Ok–With that caveat out of the way, let’s really dig in.  First off, this stroller isn’t made for use with only one child, to be tossed afterward like so many of today’s products.

No, this one is meant to become a family heirloom that you’ll use with the grandchildren and then pass down through the generations.

It’s that kind of party.

expensive double stroller

As part of the heirloom brand – Silver Cross – that’s known for super-luxurious prams made for royalty, this gear is a great choice for people who only want the absolute best for their baby and are willing to pay to get it.

It works with infants and toddlers alike, and you can even convert it from a single to a double stroller with a few simple attachments (while still looking ultra-fab in the process).

You can choose from different colors that will best fit your decor, mood, or family crest, including granite, midnight blue, sable, and burgundy.

The chassis is made with a magnesiam-alloy that’s designed to last for years. It also has some very neat but unobtrusive detailing. (See below)

silver cross stroller expensive fabrics

It also has an innovative One Plus One connection system that allows you to use 16 different stroller, bassinet, and car seat configurations.

It’s the pram that many parents dream of for taking their first newborn out for a stroll.

What’s even cooler: As your family grows, you can add a second seat to the chassis. This allows you to take both kids for a walk, and one can take a nap while the other one sits up to view the world around him. Nice!

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The manufacturers have, of course, thought of everything with this design, and it comes with several great accessories. When you order the Wave Stroller and open the box, you’ll find the chassis, a carrycot, the sat unit, a hood and apron for the carrycot and another set for the seat, and second seat unit adapters.

silver cross wave stroller accessories

There are also carrycot adaptors, a raincover, and cup holder. As you expand the family, you can add different accessories to the durable chassis.

You can even pair it with the Simplicity Infant car seat to turn it into a great travel system. We mean it when we say “They’ve Thought Of Everything”.

Upscale features abound in this stroller. The on-trend vegan leather handlebar and belly bar is soft and smooth, and the coordinating trims and fabric look sharp.

It’s an elegant and timeless choice that you’ll enjoy using throughout your baby’s first years and beyond. You’ll love the timeless good looks, and you’ll benefit from the system’s versatility.

wave stroller folds compact

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When you first use the bassinet, you’ll notice that it comes with a hard-shell base designed to keep your baby safe. However, it’s very lightweight and padded with natural bamboo fabrics.

The removable mattress is washable, and independent ventilation points keep your baby comfortable on warmer days. The stroller seat is roomy and features several reclining positions. It can even be reversed so that you can keep a close eye on your baby when you’re out for a stroll.

If your child is facing forward, then use the peek-a-boo window to ensure that he or she is still safe and sound.

This unit has a few different weight limits, depending on the seat that’s in use. While the basket is rated for 33 pounds, the tandem seat can hold up to 45 pounds. The main seat can carry up to 55 pounds, so you can easily use this pram from birth through pre-school.

You’ll also appreciate the large storage basket that can carry a diaper bag or your favorite purse. If you use the stroller to run errands, then you can set packages in the basket.

The seat comes with a five-point harness for safety, and little leather accents are the perfect finishing touch on the fabrics. The seats come with protective shades, so you can keep your baby safe from the sun and rain.

They even come with coordinating footmuffs so that you won’t have to worry about losing blankets when you’re out for an evening stroll. The chassis has excellent suspension, so your children can enjoy a smooth and relaxing ride.

The set even comes with included mosquito nets and a cup holder so that you can go on longer walks or just handle a few quick errands.

This pram is a top choice for the new family that has dreams of more. When you’re planning on having two or more children, then this stroller could easily be the only one you’ll need.

silver cross wave amazing

It will accommodate your needs with a single child, and it’s ideally suited to siblings. The seats are easily removed, and the frame will fold down to fit in the trunk of your car for a longer drive.

One feature that really stands out is that the bassinet is designed for overnight sleeping, so it’s a great choice for going to visit your own parents for the weekend.

If you’re expecting twins, then you’ll find that this is one of the only systems that can accommodate two babies while still being able to navigate most stores and sidewalks.

These strollers are the perfect blend of elegant style with excellent function. Designed to grow with your family, they can meet your needs now and for years to come.

Silver Cross is known for making beautiful, high-end prams that are luxurious and comfortable, and this particular set is sure to please you.

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