Best Jogging Strollers – BOB Ironman and Bumbleride Speed

Do You Need A Jogging Stroller? Exercise Time!

Jogging strollers are designed for you to get some exercise time with your baby. That means a need for a stroller that can handle serious speed without endangering you, your baby, or any pedestrians that happen to get in your way…

That’s why newer models feature three large, fixed wheels that remain stable even when the terrain is a little uneven.

Five-point safety harnesses keep your baby comfortably restrained, and drink holders allow your child to stay hydrated while you get a workout. Some models also come with the ability to change a setting on the front wheel so that it will swivel, and that makes it easier to steer the stroller when walking.

These can be ideal for people in the city who typically walk where they need to go, and they’re a top choice for workout enthusiasts.

Great Jogging Strollers: Bob Ironman Sport Utility and the Bumbleride Speed Jogging Strollers

Active parents love the idea of going out for a run with the baby, but you need the right type of stroller to make this a reality. The Bob Ironman Sport Utility is made with runners in mind. See Lowest Prices Here.

The stroller is lightweight for a jogger, and you’ll feel the difference when you handle the 20.4-pound stroller. This makes it easier for you to tackle the uphills and keep control of the stroller when you’re going back down again.

With 16-inch wheels, it offers good resistance along with excellent alignment. The front tire stays nice and straight even when you’re able to hit higher speeds. In fact, the locked position of the front wheel is so firm that you’ll need to lift it just slightly to make a tight turn.

bob ironman sport utility stroller

There are three different positions for the canopy, so you won’t have to worry about the sun being in your child’s eyes. It also has a reclining back, so your little one can take a short nap while you get a workout. Your child will appreciate the ultra-padded seat, and you’ll appreciate the ability to get in a longer workout.

Two-position shock absorbers dampen the bumps on the trail to keep your child happy and minimize any jarring or vibrations to your arms and hands. With the five-point harness, you can be confident that your child will be safe throughout the ride.

There’s even two storage areas.

The lower basket is ideal for some extra blankets, towels, and extra clothing. You can also use the enclosed compartment in the handle bars for your keys or additional money.

When you stop for a rest, make sure to use the parking brake to prevent the stroller from rolling away.

bob lightest weight jogging stroller

A padded handlebar is easy to grip, and you can comfortably grasp it as you jog for mile after mile. When you reach the end of your trek, you can easily fold up the stroller to store it back in your car. It only takes a few moments to unlatch the system and open it up fully, and it folds up just as quickly.

It is designed for use on most paved surfaces, so you can use it for serious training or taking a leisurely walk through the park. The traditional unit is designed for one child, but you can also choose a tandem model so that you can take two kids out for a run in the park.

Bumbleride – A Crowd Pleaser

The Bumbleride Speed Matte Black is also a favorite among running enthusiasts because it’s easy to use and made for regular use. These strollers stand out with their eco-friendly construction. See Latest Prices Here.

They’re completely free of PVC and phthalates. There are no fire retardants or polyurethane foam, and the fabric supplier for the company is an Oeko-Tex certified, bluesign partner.

The heavy-duty aluminum strollers are actually made to handle all types of terrain without showing the wear.

You can adjust the front swivel wheel to lock in the straight position for paved trails or swivel up to 30 degrees for rough trails. This allows the stroller to handle some bumps without losing control of the front tire.

Finally, you can allow it to swivel a full 360-degrees for maneuvering through stores and other tight areas.

The seat is 24-inches tall, and it can handle up to 65 pounds. This means that your child can go jogging with you from infancy to kindergarten or even beyond.

The seat can be reclined fully, and that makes it easy for you to take your three-month-old out for a nice walk in the fresh air.

However, it is recommended that you wait until the child is at least six months before jogging with him or her, and this stroller will be ready for that time.

The Bumbleride has a massive canopy that can be used to keep your child comfortable in the sun or rain. The storage basket underneath can hold a full-size diaper bag, so you can go for a jog to the park and have a little picnic while you’re there.

Taller parents will appreciate the handlebar that rotates up or down so that you can run at a position that’s comfortable for you.

bumbleride speed matte black review

It even has pockets in the back of the seat so you can stash your tablet, bottle of water, and other items while you’re jogging to your destination.

This impressive stroller uses air-filled wheels, and the stroller even comes with an air pump so that you can check the air pressure when you’re out on the trails.

What’s really cool is that every wheel also has its own suspension system so that you and your child can enjoy a smoother ride.

It’s even compatible with some car seats, so you can use this stroller for a jog in the park or running errands around town.

It’s a great choice for active parents who want to enjoy a little more speed when they’re sharing the great outdoors with their child.

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