Is The Best Travel Stroller Also The Most Lightweight?

We all know that you really love your baby to bits, and now is the time to start another kind of love affair, which will take your bonding with your child to a new level. We’ve reviewed here some convenient, lightweight travel strollers so you can carry your baby along while traveling without giving your back a reason to visit a chiropractor.

So which is the best travel stroller available today? Not an easy question to answer, unfortunately. All of them have one or two quirks that should be explained, but are generally pretty good, decent-ish products.  So the challenge is to identify the perfect fit for your needs and baby’s needs.

Summer Infant 2015 3D Lite Convenience Stroller

Ann’s take: Nice stroller – I just wish the canopy would extend a little further to ward off the sun and other elements.

However, this sleek looking travel stroller is very affordable. The best part about this durable and stylish stroller is its large seating area – so your child can now travel as comfortably as you. Its notable features include a smart and innovative aluminum frame, weighing just 12 pounds. Even I can one-hand this one.

It touts an “easy compact fold”, with a carry strap and an auto lock, to make traveling about town a lovely affair. An extra-large basket and rear storage pocket means you can stow-and-go a bunch of mommy-gear with this stroller. The reclining back is designed to provide excellent comfort for your baby while sleeping.


  • 4-position recline with 5-point safety harness
  • Anti-shock front wheels and lockable rear wheels
  • Adjustable and removable canopy with flip-out sun visor
  • Available in 6 exciting fun fashions


  • Canopy fails to protect when walking towards the sun
  • Doesn’t stand when folded

This travel stroller allows you to move about doing your errands with ease. It is super light to carry and push, yet strong and sturdy enough to handle the demands of a growing baby!

Expect to take your baby out strolling with ease, but be mindful when in the sun as we are all concerned with total protection against harmful UV rays.  The canopy gets you part of the way there, but for the price, this stroller is a good deal.

What’s more, you can even change the diaper without taking your child out of the stroller, thanks to its easy-to-recline seat, which is nearly flat.  Click the photo to find out more.

Graco DuoGlider Classic Connect Stroller, Dragonfly

Ann’s take: Not a bad double stroller! But be mindful that you don’t overfill the carrying basket as it seems a bit weak in quality and you may need the strength of Popeye to turn it in tight corners.

While the Gravo DuoGlider Classic Connect may not exactly be built to survive multiple generations, it’s definitely built to last a few years – enough to see your child (actually 2 children) growing up. A mix of polyester, plastic and metal, this double stroller is designed to hold two car seats.

The versatility it offers for its price is pretty good, to say the least.

Two reclining seats with individual canopies will ensure that both your little ones (up to 40 pounds each) are comfortable and safe in this stroller. The ease of travel is evident from the way the standing fold closes easily with just one hand, without having to bend over it. That leaves your other hand free to cuddle at least one of your babies.

With more than one child, you obviously will still need help.


  • Rear seat reclines completely flat when babies had enough adventure
  • Extra-large storage basket and parent’s tray give additional convenience
  • Fitted with a child’s tray, rotating canopy and footrest


  • Cup holders are extremely small
  • Slightly difficult to push on uneven ground
  • Basket quality is poor

Get set for an adventure with your cute little twosome. It has space enough for all the essential needs of your growing family, and this stroller is equipped to stow quickly and easily.

Maneuvering it is nothing short of a game of chess, as the stroller has is a bit tough to turn. Ok, so it’s not perfect, but what is?  For the price, we recommend it. Click the photo to find out more.

Delta Children Ultimate Convenient Stroller, Morning Mist

This travel-friendly stroller is the ultimate when it comes to trendiness and safety. A compact design, with a 5-point safety harness it is road-ready from the word `go’. Safety is topmost, evidently, on the minds of the manufacturers; it comes with 360-degree shock absorbing wheels and a quick and easy fold to make every ride stress-free. Another awesome thing is its price – it is very cheap.


  • Full multi-position recline with adjustable footrest
  • Storage underneath ensures that travel essentials are always close at hand
  • Adjustable straps with seat angled for smaller kids


  • Storage basket is only a mesh bag
  • Reclining mechanism is somewhat complex
  • Difficult to push straight with child over 20 pounds

It may not be of the greatest quality, but this stroller does serve the purpose. You may wish for something tougher and better constructed, but it’s quite adequate for your needs while it lasts. Your child will be quite comfortable through every minute of your expedition if you decide to travel with the Delta Children stroller.

Cosco Umbrella Stroller with Canopy, Loralee

If you thought that the last stroller was cheap, wait for you to see the price of this, probably the cheapest stroller ever created. And the best part is that this it’s quite handy for any sort of travel. Not cumbersome or heavy, it has an easy scissor fold with a 3-point harness to keep your baby secure.


  • Canopy and fixed handles
  • 4″ front, 4″ rear wheel size
  • Holds child up to 40 pounds


  • Only good for short trips, not for long walks
  • Wheels tend to wobble

High on protection, this fashionable looking stroller is crafted for convenience and safety. Super light and exceptionally easy to fold, the Cosco stroller is the perfect alternative to a three-wheeled `off-road’ stroller. Not your best bet if you’re looking for something really super-class, but it’s quite useful as an inexpensive option for traveling with your baby.


Unless you have the right kind of stroller to take along, traveling out with a baby can be tough. Travel strollers come in all kinds of price ranges and, naturally, with features determined by the cost to a large extent. Budget, therefore, is going to be a big factor when choosing a travel stroller.  Our opinion is “the more expensive the stroller, the better” but not everyone can play on that boat. Hence this review page.

The Cosco umbrella stroller is not too bad, considering the price. There are a few cons, but it’s a convenient choice as a safe travel companion for your baby.

You could, of course, go a wee higher on price and choose the Delta Children for better quality and more features, such as extra space and better safety provisions.

The Summer Infant is simply superb if you’d rather go for something smart and really comfortable. Folding and carrying it is quite a breeze.

The Graco DuoGlider is great if you want to travel with both your kids. It’s just perfect for a growing family. For that little extra money, you can now move around with both your children comfortably packed together.


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