The 5 Best Fancy Baby Strollers In Their Class for 2019

Our Choices for the 5 Best High-End Strollers in 2019 Plus Review Guide

No Time To Read? Our Favorite Pick: The BOB Iron Man Jogging Stroller!

Top Pick Bob Ironman


As a new parent, it’s hard to know exactly what you’re going to need for the bundle of joy. You may see something that seems perfect, only to discover that works great in one setting is completely inappropriate for another one.

For instance, consider the woman who bought a high-end jogging stroller so she could work out with her baby. The wide rear wheels were great for holding the pavement and letting her build up speed in the park.

However, those same wide wheels made it nearly impossible to take the stroller into most stores or crowded settings. This is why it’s vital that you look at several different types of strollers to find the one that will best suit your individual needs. You may also find that it’s necessary to have a second one on hand for different situations.

Also, only jog if your doctor says you can handle it…​

Our Fancy Schmancy High-End Guide to Choosing the Right Type of Stroller

Before you can find the right type of stroller for your lifestyle, you’ll need to understand the key differences between all the options. Here’s what you should know about jogging, high-end, lightweight, compact, and travel system strollers.

Taking the time to learn more about your options now can help you choose the right one when you’re ready to bring your baby home from the hospital.

Do You Need A Jogging Stroller? Exercise Time!

Jogging strollers are designed for getting your sweat on and picking up speed with your baby. That’s why newer stroller models feature three large, fixed wheels that remain stable even when the terrain is a little uneven.

Five-point safety harnesses keep your baby comfortably restrained, and drink holders allow your child to stay hydrated while you get a workout. Some models also come with the ability to change a setting on the front wheel so that it will swivel, and that makes it easier to steer the stroller when walking.

These can be ideal for people in the city who typically walk where they need to go, and they’re a top choice for workout enthusiasts.

Expensive Prams Are Really Just Highly Rated Strollers

High-end prams have come a long way from the rolling bassinets commonly seen at the turn of the 20th century. Now, they come with a wide range of features and accessories so that you can take your child for a relaxing walk.

versace book stroller

The top-end model brands come with bassinets that can be converted to upright seats as the child grows. This allows you to take your newborn out for a stroll and then change the settings to accommodate your toddler.

However, even though these some of the most expensive strollers you’ll ever see, the good thing is that they aren’t just for the children you have now.

They’re meant to become family heirlooms that can be used with future children when they become parents, and even on down to the grandchildren. Hence the expense!

What About Super Lightweight and Compact Strollers

If you’re constantly on the go and need a stroller that can travel practically anywhere, then a lightweight design may be the right choice. Lightweight strollers are easy to carry on public transportation, and they can go almost anywhere.

This includes crowded amusement parks and stores with narrow aisles. One of the most versatile options available, the lightweight stroller is often the go-to choice for busy parents who are shuttling older kids around and never know when they’ll need to pull a stroller out of the trunk.

One downfall of many strollers is the amount of space they take up. In addition to the space they consume when open, you also need to consider how much space will be required in the trunk of your car.

Compact strollers are made to fold up extremely small so that you can fit them in tight spaces or easily store them in a small closet. They can go into cafes and restaurants with no problem, and they’re very handy for frequent travelers.

Technology has come a long way from the early umbrella strollers, and you’ll find that smart compact strollers today have all the features of larger units without the added bulk.

Travel Systems – A Stroller Swiss Army Knife!

Bugaboo Donkey Travel System

Finally, travel systems are a top choice for parents who want to go from car to grocery store and then back again. Travel systems are strollers and compatible car seats – – all in one!

So when your child falls asleep on the road, you won’t have to wake her up to move her to the stroller. Just remove the car seat from the detachable base and put it in place on the stroller.

With these multi-piece systems, you can continue using the stroller even after the car seat has been outgrown.

A Final Word About Choosing The Best Stroller For You

Before we get into which is the best reviewed stroller by type, we want to be really clear: there really is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to strollers.

Many people find that they need a travel system for their newborn and then add a jogging stroller or lightweight one to the mix as the child grows.

Regardless of the one you choose initially, there are some shining stars that are worth consideration.

The Best Reviewed Strollers For 2019 By Type
Great Jogging Strollers: Bob Ironman Sport Utility and the Bumbleride Speed Jogging Strollers

Active parents love the idea of going out for a run with the baby, but you need the right type of stroller to make this a reality. The Bob Ironman Sport Utility is made with runners in mind.

The stroller is lightweight for a jogger, and you’ll feel the difference when you handle the 20.4-pound stroller. This makes it easier for you to tackle the uphills and keep control of the stroller when you’re going back down again.

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Bumbleride – A Crowd Pleaser

The Bumbleride is also a favorite among running enthusiasts because it’s easy to use and made for regular use. These strollers stand out with their eco-friendly construction.

They’re completely free of PVC and phthalates. There are no fire retardants or polyurethane foam, and the fabric supplier for the company is an Oeko-Tex certified, bluesign partner.

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The Top High-End Pram: Silver Cross Wave Stroller

aston martin silver cross edition stroller

This stroller isn’t made for use with only one child, to be tossed afterward like so many of today’s products.

No, this one is meant to become a family heirloom that you’ll use with the grandchildren and then pass down through the generations.

Yeah, it’s that kind of party.

silver cross wave amazing

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Top Lightweight Designs: Babyhome Emotion Stroller and Babyhome Vida Stroller

The Babyhome Emotion Stroller is lightweight and compact, but the only thing you’ll sacrifice is the extra size. It’s designed to appeal to the most people with a blend of high-end touches and streamlined styling. Weighing in at only 13 pounds, you can move it in and out of the car all day long.

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It’s easily steered with just one hand, so you can take care of your child with your right hand while carrying travel bags in your left. Designed for older babies who can sit up, it also has separate adapters you can pick up to accommodate different car seats.

Babyhome also offers the Vida Stroller. Following the Emotion, it’s a stylish design that will fit your needs and suit your baby nicely. Made for children from birth through 55 pounds, it has a wide range of features that make it easy to use. Designed for busy parents, it’s still easy to use and convenient to travel with.

The wheels are slightly larger than the Emotions, and that allows this stroller to deliver improved maneuverability levels.

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The Best Compact: GB Pockit Stroller and Accessories

gb-pockit-stroller-foldingSEE LOWEST PRICE

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The Pockit Stroller is designed to take up as little space as possible when folded, yet it opens up to an impressive size that can comfortably hold your child.

A top stroller for people navigating city sidewalks and world travelers, it’s also admired by busy parents who have multiple kids and require space for a few different strollers in the car.

This small but mighty stroller manages to include great features that you would expect to find in a much larger unit.

It’s available in several different colors, and you can add all types of accessories, including a warm, built-in blanket for traveling in cold weather.

Still Got Questions Regarding What To Look For In An Awesome Baby Stroller?

Check Out The Guide Below!

Let’s say you’re taking a trip to show off your new bundle of joy to family and friends. This long-awaited adventure is now upon you, but there are many things for you to consider.

What is the best stroller to take on your trip?

Obviously, safety and durability are important, but did you know that your stroller will also be judged and rated by others?

Stroller status is a real thing. The envy of one mom’s stroller quality compared to another’s is equivalent to car envy among men. The quality of a stroller equals a hierarchy that only savvy moms would recognize.

You can see this displayed in magazines that depict celebrity moms pushing their little ones around in those high-end, classy strollers. But beside’s price

Best Way For Parents To Understand Stroller Safety

This is probably one of the most important functions to look for when making that stroller purchase. It will be carrying your precious baby after all. There are a few things you can look for to ensure that the stroller has passed all safety measures.

Check if the model has been certified by Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA). You can either check through the JPMA website or locate a JPMA sticker on the model.

Other important parts of the stroller to look into are the wheels and brakes. Wheels that swivel may provide more maneuverability, while locked wheels provide more stability. When it comes to brakes, both of the wheels should lock simultaneously. The stroller should be completely immobile with both wheels locked.

Sun shade is another important addition to a stroller that some parents overlook. Many strollers come with a canopy. The canopy should be able to offer your child protection from the harsh rays of the sun on hot, summer days, while also providing them with adequate ventilation. You’ll also want to make sure that it is large enough to grow with them, while protecting them from the wind and sun.

Seat belts and harness straps are a must when it comes to strollers. A 5-point harness is considered the safest for little ones. These adjustable straps secure children at five points of their body; over the shoulders, between the legs, and around the waist. This strapping system keeps children most secure during those daily strolls.

The Best Strollers Have Long-Lasting Durability

Durability is important when searching for the right stroller for your little one. This is especially true if you plan to have more than one child. The more durable a stroller is, the longer it will last you without any negative issues.

The wheels on the stroller are a good place to start when it comes to durability. Small wheels are good for use on city sidewalks during errand runs. Large, air-filled tires are more suitable for longer strolls on bumpy ground. But be mindful that air-filled tires can go flat for a variety of reasons and probably aren’t going to last to the next generation.

While a heavy frame may make the stroller more durable, sturdy, and safe, it will also make the stroller heavier then you may desire. On the other hand, a light frame may weaken the stroller’s frame and subtract from its overall durability. Try to find one that is not only heavy-duty but lightweight as well. The key is balancing the variables you need, with the style you deserve.

A reversible seat is a great option when it comes to strollers. This will give you the ability to change the direction that your child is facing during walks. Some parents prefer to have their infant face them while pushing the stroller. As your child grows into a toddler, you can turn the seat frontward so they can enjoy watching the world as it goes by.

Customer reviews are an important factor to take into consideration when shopping around for the best high-end stroller. You want to see people saying things like:“Great stroller! Nothing to complain about. Love everything. The air filled tires are awesome!” and, “The right stroller affects a babies language and brain development. This stroller has helped my family to be an active and interactive family.”.

You’d prefer not to see things like: “The small plastic wheels couldn’t handle our city’s less-than-perfect sidewalks. The last thing you want to frustrate you when you’re dealing with multiple kids is a crappy stroller!”. Clearly, this is a critical review that may indicate that it is time to move on to another option when shopping online.

Social Status

In many situations, the stroller will be looked upon as a status symbol. The type and style of stroller that you are pushing your bundle of joy in can influence the views of your peers and an opinion will be formed of your status. You will be judged by other moms as you and your baby go about your business to the park, school, or other social places.

There is truly a stroller hierarchy that takes place when it comes to the quality and cost of strollers. There is a certain amount of honor or prestige that is attached to a person based upon their position in society. People who drive in low cost, unkempt cars, live in low-end homes, and wear chain store clothing may be looked down upon as having a lower position in society. This can also hold true when it comes to baby gear such as strollers.

This form of social hierarchy reflects on your parenthood. Walking with your little one tucked snug inside a high-end stroller as you make your way through the park of other admiring parents makes a silent statement that indicates your status in society.

A stroller made of the finest materials that offer top-notch stability, durability, and safety to the little one it holds within, lets everyone else know that you care for your child without bounds and spare no expense for their well-being.

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