Our Top Picks For Lightweight Strollers- The Baby Home Emotion and Vida

So, What’s The Big Deal with Super Lightweight Strollers?

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What’s the big deal you say?? Well…If you’re constantly on the go and need a stroller that can travel practically anywhere, then a lightweight design may be the right choice. Lightweight strollers are MUCH easier to carry when you don’t want to be loaded down or heavily burdened (and who does…ever..).

Sometimes we just don’t want to deal with contraptions that weigh much more than a bowling ball.  Who wants to have achy shoulders and back muscles all because they wanted to take a simple frickin’ stroll to the park with baby?

Well, maybe if you are this woman, a super heavy stroller is your bag…

no babyhome strollers for me!

But if you are like most reasonable people, you tend to avoid pain and move towards pleasure.  And a stroller that doesn’t kill your arms has to be considered as one of life’s little pleasures!

Lightweight strollers like the BabyHome Emotion stroller and Vida is what we are reviewing here today.  In the lightweight stroller world, they are true heavyweights!

Top Lightweight Designs: Babyhome Emotion Stroller and Babyhome Vida Stroller

babyhome emotion lightweight stroller

The Babyhome Emotion Stroller is lightweight and compact, but the only thing you’ll sacrifice is the extra weight. It’s designed to appeal to the people requiring a blend of high-end touches combined with streamlined styling.

Weighing in at only 13 pounds, (bowling ball weight!) you can move it in and out of the car all day long, yet not sacrifice useable stroller storage space or structural rigidity.

It’s easily steered with just one hand, so you can take care of your child with your right hand while carrying travel bags in your left. Designed for older babies who can sit up, it also has separate car seat adapters you can pick up to accommodate different car seats.

This allows you to use this stroller from the hospital right after the birth of your baby on up to playdates when your child is in pre-school.

It has a weight limit of 55 pounds, and the 5-point safety harness will keep your child comfortable and yet secure.

One feature that all parents will love is the washable fabric. If your little tyke spills a drink or has another accident, you can take the fabric off and run it through the washing machine.

emotion stroller folded

It comes with a small canopy that’s great for sunny days, and it also has an extender that you can use for more protection in the rain. There’s even a magnetic peek-a-boo window at the top of the shade so you can see how your child is doing when you’re out for a walk.

This stroller takes the umbrella design to a marvelous new level. It has a medium storage basket that can hold your child’s backpack along with a small purse.

The foot brake only requires a single touch, and the wheels are made from a gel-like substance that provides you with some shock absorption. They’re mounted on ball bearings for a smoother ride, so you can handle the expansion gaps in sidewalks and slightly rough terrain with ease.

Your child can easily take a nap thanks to the reclining seat, and it even comes standard with rain and mosquito guards, so you’ll be ready for almost any type of travel.

It even has an adjustable footrest, so this stroller can truly grow along with your son or daughter. You’ll find that maneuvering is a cinch, and the narrow design allows it to go where other strollers are unable to travel.

When you’re done with your trip, just fold it down and tuck it into your trunk.

The BabyHome Vida Stroller – Is It Better Than The Emotion?

babyhome vida reviews

Babyhome also offers the Vida Stroller. Following the Emotion, it’s a stylish design that will fit your needs and suit your baby nicely. Made for children from birth through 55 pounds, it has a wide range of features that make it easy to use. Designed for busy parents, it’s still easy to use and convenient to travel with.

The harness features an extra position for newborns, so you can bring your baby home from the hospital with this stroller.

There’s a fully reclining backseat that makes it ideal for transporting babies who aren’t quite ready to sit up. As your child grows, the stroller can grow with him or her thanks to the adjustable, five-point harness.

It also has the adjustable footrest that makes this stroller ideal for babies or toddlers. Like the Emotion, it has a large basket that can comfortably hold a medium or small diaper bag, and there’s no crossbar in the back to interfere with access to this basket.

When you recline the back seat, you’ll notice that there are vents in the side panels to reduce the risk of overheating. The canopy can be opened up for additional shade, and the canopy window is still in place so that you can see if your little one is still sleeping.

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Couples will appreciate the adjustable handlebar that can work with taller and shorter people alike. It’s also compatible with several different car seat models, so you can use this for running errands around town or traveling.

The wheels are slightly larger than the Emotion’s wheels, and that allows this stroller to deliver improved maneuverability at all levels.

The seat back is able to recline to an almost flat position, and it even comes with a soft nest accessory that goes over the reclined seat to make it function more like a bassinet. This can make it a great choice if you’re traveling to visit friends and need a place where your child can sleep at night.

The footrest can even be lifted up like a recliner so that older kids can comfortably nap. It weighs a little more at 15 pounds, but it’s still able to fold down nicely so that you can fit it in with your luggage when traveling.

The BabyHome Vida and Emotion Strollers allow you to choose from four different color set so that you can match it to the rest of your child’s gear. Always Be Stylish!

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