The Top Travel System Buying Guide for 2018


We have updated our picks of the best travel systems from the end of 2017 to give you the best possible choices for 2018. Enjoy!


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Our 2018 Top ​Travel System Is…The Bugaboo Donkey! Why?

  • Ready to go from day one: the bassinet easily converts into a seat and vice versa + car seat compatible with select car seats including Maxi Cosi, and Chico (adapters sold separately)
  • Easily converts from mono to duo stroller with the Bugaboo Duo Extension Set (purchase separately)
  • Includes: chassis with wheels, one seat/bassinet frame, sun canopy wires, seat fabric, bassinet fabric, faux leather carry handle, side luggage basket, under-seat basket, air pump and rain cover.

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Ratings Executive Summary

Bugaboo Donkey Base

​Great Product

bugaboo donkey base travel system

Key Selling Points

  • One-Click Technology
  • Comfort Harness
  • High End Pricing


Britax 2017 B-Agile

Excellent Value

britax b-agile travel system Key Selling Points

  • Sturdy, Well Designed Product
  • One Handed Breakdown
  • Large Baby Seat


MB Mini Compact

Very Good

mountain buggy mini travel system Key Selling Points

  • Super Light
  • Excellent Agility
  • Some Assembly Required



Very Good

recaro denali travel system Key Selling Points

  • Removable Child Tray
  • Easy Assembly
  • Front Wheels Seem to Fight Each Other


iCoo Acrobat Plus

Very Good

icoo acrobat iguard 35 travel system Key Selling Points

  • Top Notch Luxury Look
  • German Engineering
  • Expensive


When it comes to your little one, we know that safety comes first. We also know that you want only the best travel system for them. With that in mind, you’ll also value convenience when traveling, and that’s where a lightweight stroller comes into play. Whether you’re actually traveling on a holiday or vacation or making a quick trip to the market, the best baby strollers can make your journey infinitely easier when you’re on-the-go with a baby.

Must-Have Baby Gear

A car seat stroller combo is going to be on your lists of must-have items. It should contain a sturdy-made stroller, and a really safe infant car seat. The best travel systems offer you the best of both. What we are talking about is essentially a baby stroller that interconnects to an infant car seat; fitting together with clips that you can maneuver with your hand or foot for simplicity and convenience. This type of baby stroller / carseat combo system enables you to allow your child to carry on sleeping when they drift off during the car ride enabling you to move the car seat then attach it to the stroller system in a cinch. A decent car seat stroller combo system offers you the chance to purchase the only stroller you’ll need because as soon as your infant outgrows the infant car seat, the stroller can still function for the long run.

A newborn gives you many amazing life-changing surprises; enough so that a baby stroller purchase, in the grand scheme of things, will seem as though it’s an insignificant purchase. However, with regards to your specific baby gear needs, a highly rated stroller and car seat combo traveling system will work wonders at making your life a lot easier.

Traveling With Baby

Traveling by cab, bus, car, plane, or train means you’ll need a carrier to hold your baby, a car seat to keep them buckled securely, and a stroller when exiting the vehicle. Buying each individual item alone is a common practice, but fortunately, there are other options available to you, which you will find in our reviews of the best travel system strollers for babies.

You will discover that there’s a host of different types of strollers and car seats, as well as a multitude of unique travel systems from which to choose. Selecting the right product can seem daunting, and sorting through various products and brands may require a little advice and assistance. To complicate matters further, each product and brand will offer different benefits, so you’ll want to know which perks appeal to your needs the best.


In general, the seating that comes equipped with a baby travel system will recline; allowing your child the chance to relax and sleep while you’re shopping or on the go. When your child is big enough and no longer needs the car seat, the stroller will still come in very handy; ensuring you don’t have to purchase yet another expensive baby gear item.

Consider a travel system to be a long-lasting, essential investment. In contrast to other baby items you purchase now and find no use for within a year’s time, the travel stroller system will serve your specific needs until your child goes to school, and then some. As you can see, investing a little money and choosing the right system will accommodate you throughout your child’s infant and toddler years.


Why Choose A Travel System vs Choosing Items A La Carte?


The Benefits of Baby Travel Systems


Solid Investment

A lasting investment because the baby travel system is comprised of a both much-needed pieces for new parents: a car seat and stroller.  It’s hard to find a reason to not purchase one. No matter what you’re setting out to do, if you have a little one, you’ve got to plan ahead, and having a travelling system handy will ensure you’re prepared for shopping, riding in a car, dining out, strolling in the park, and everything in-between.

Easy to Carry & Use

Another benefit to owning a travel system is that they’re easy to tow. If you select the right system, one that’s both lightweight and durable, you can toss it in the backseat of your car or in the trunk and pull it out when you want to attach the car seat.

Ideal For Parents On The Go

Whether you’re looking for a travel system that works well on different terrains or you’re a working parent who needs something light and easy to cart your little one in and out of daycare or the supermarket, a pram system will quickly become one of your most-used baby gear items.

Makes Trips Easier

Furthermore, one of these traveling car seat systems will be perfect for when your family goes on vacation. Whether you’re heading to the beach for a day of sun and water fun or walking around shops and choosing decorations, you’ll be glad to have a simple solution for carting baby around.

Lets Your Baby Sleep

Lastly, a real advantage of a travel carrier system is that it’s extremely handy to have around for slumbering infants because it eliminates waking baby when you need to remove them from the vehicle to the stroller. The car seat turns into a carrier, which then attaches neatly to a stroller, so no matter what you need to do, you’ll have an easy go of transporting you child.

Factors to consider


There’s no exact science to choosing the best baby travel system, but it’s hard to picture mom life without one, especially when it comes time to leave the house with a little on in tow. Moreover, as your kid begins to feel increasingly more like heavy, ever-moving 20-lb bag of potatoes, you’ll truly value the usefulness of this product.

-Higher Upfront Investment- But a Much-Needed Item

A big-ticket item that may very well be worth the initial expense, the travel system can aid you in your daily life. As the mother of an infant, it’s extremely important to choose an appropriate model and style for your unique situation. There are so many options available today on the market, especially when in comparison to what was offered to moms and dads in the past. There exists a multitude of diverse styles, colors, prices, and features, and you’ll need to make sure you buy a device that fits your lifestyle and budget.

Nearly all parents wind up purchasing at least two car seats and two strollers. Fortunately, there doesn’t have to be a separate purchase any longer, as the travel system for baby comprises everything you need to carry your little one around.


Anything Else I Should Know?



Deciding on the Best Baby Combo For You

You may be considering the purchase of a second-hand/used baby travel system. Although this option can save you cash upfront, it’s important to remember that you’re probably not getting something that suits your needs exactly, and buying a new system ensures that you can browse all options to choose a perfect fit.

Another issue with used travel systems is that you won’t have a clear picture of the item has a history; whereas if the car seat is damaged, or the stroller has punctures or marks . Even if you don’t see a single thing wrong with the travel system you purchase from a third party, it is always better to splurge up front rather than spend money replacing parts in the future. Also, in some states it is illegal to re-sell used car seats.

Tips for Newborn to Toddler: Car Seat/Strollers

Check for safety features such as:

Safe, functioning brakes. Look for a stroller that has brakes that are easy to operate. Some strollers have brakes that lock two wheels — a special safety feature. Make sure your baby can’t reach the brake release lever.

Wide Base: These systems are basically high-tech strollers, and it’s important to find one that has a wider base as it’s less likely to tip when you’re pushing your little one around town.

Footrest: If you’re looking for a side-by-side double stroller, choose one with a single footrest that extends across both sitting areas. Small feet can get trapped between separate footrests.

What a Baby Wants

Babies, especially newborns, will need to have enough space to lie as flat as possible, whereas older babies and toddlers need more storage space for cups, toys, snacks, etc…

Basic safety and precautions should be your number-one priority when carrying or driving your infant around. Therefore, instead of purchasing a buggy and then your baby’s car seat, you’ll want to choose the latter first.

If you purchase a combo pram for your child , you’ll want to pick one depending on your child’s age.

Although car seats are necessary safety instruments for protecting your baby when traveling, it’s important that you choose the safety of the car-riding experience over the strolling experience.

Another significant factor to consider is just how easily the system will fit in your car. No one wants to spend 45-minutes fiddling around with a car seat, so check out manufacturer guidelines to see which system will work best for your child, the car your drive, and your needs.

Keeping Your Baby Safe in His/Her Car Seat System

Take a moment to consider the suggestions listed below. Reading through these tips may help to ensure that your baby stays safe when you’re using the travel system. This information should be be useful in helping to keep the components well-maintained so they’ll last longer.

*Stay near at all times: Never leave your child alone in their carrier or stroller.

*Be mindful with kids toys: When you hang gadgets or toys from a baby stroller bumper to amuse your infant, be sure that the gadgets are properly attached to keep your little one from getting into trouble.

*Keep them buckled: Make sure to always keep your baby buckled up in the harness and belt when using the stroller or car seat during motion. You never know when a mishap could occur and buckling is just a good insurance policy.

*Always use the braking system: Employ your travel system’s brakes any time you stop the baby stroller.

*Stowing the baby carrier system: Keep the seat and stroller system in a clean, dry place when not in use to ensure it lasts as long as possible.

*Fold the system with care: Make sure that when you’re folding the system for storing, you and your baby’s fingers and other body parts are not in the way to prevent pinching or injury. Make sure the stroller and brake is set to the locked position before you place your little one inside the device.

*Avoid the sunshine: When it’s hot out, don’t leave the system sitting in direct sunlight too long as this may cause the components to malfunction or become worn out faster.

*Keep up with recalls: Tracking recalls is fairly simple; you’ll want to check the manufacturer’s website periodically to verify the system has not been recalled.


Summary Of Pros and Cons

Pros & Cons

Varying with the particular brand or system you’re looking to purchase, the combo may possibly include a frame, base, carrier and stroller components – enabling you to make use of the system from the time the child is born right through to elementary school.

You will find that there is much to consider before making your final selection. Take into consideration your lifestyle and where you go on a regular basis, as well as how you’ll be traveling. Whether you drive your vehicle a lot or take public transportation, the baby travel system you choose will depend on which style will accommodate your situation the best.

Baby Travel System Pros

You’ll be able to move a sleeping infant o a small child from the car to the house without waking them from their nap.

It’s a one-for-all type of purchase; giving you a car seat, carrier, and stroller all in one.

When pushing the stroller, your infant will be facing you, which means you can keep a better eye on them at all times.

Different components of the system enable you to use it as a bassinet.

You’ll be able to keep your child warm and protected from weather, right from your house to the car, as well as in and out of different stops.

Travel will be made easier having a carrier for small, confined spaces; a stroller for shopping and walks in parks; and a car seat for riding to and from destinations.

Baby Travel System Cons

Can be a bit bulky in comparison to a stand-alone stroller

A bit pricey of an option as opposed to purchasing just one stand-alone stroller, car seat, or carrier.

It’s important to choose products for your baby that meet your expectations and specific needs. Consider the pros and cons when making your baby travel system selection.


Five Of The Best Strollers Systems



When it relates to purchasing any baby travel system, convenience is among the primary features that mothers and fathers are seeking. When the travel system requires too much of your time for installation and getting the youngster in and out of it, you’ll likely be unhappy and suffer from the headache of it all. Choosing one that accommodates your unique situation is key to your complete satisfaction, and when considering travel systems for baby, convenience is key.

Bugaboo Donkey Base

Standing out in performance and convenience, the Bugaboo Donkey Base features a new Comfort Harness, which allows you to quickly and efficiently buckle in your child. It also features adjustable straps that are easy to fix and allow you to control the tightness as your baby grows. It doesn’t come with aggravating, hard-to-fit loops, and it’s simple to use with one-click technology.

iCoo Acrobat Plus iGuard35 Infant Car Seat

icoo acrobat iguard 35 travel system

This rear-facing car seat for infants offers an exceptional design that blends convenience, comfort, and versatility for your satisfaction, and it comes with unparalleled safety characteristics for your peace of mind. With ingenious design and mechanics, this portable, compact Infant Car Seat from iCoo is German-engineered and provides a quality-made system that ensures your youngster is safe, securely tucked in, and cozy at all times.

Mountain Buggy MB Mini Compact Travel System

Constructed of 210D polyester, the “D” standing for denier, meaning durable and strong-made, this Mountain Buggy MD Travel System for baby is compact; making it easy to stow and remove for easy and quick access. The car seat component faces the rear for added protection and strong enough to hold babies from 4-lbs to 35lbs with ease. Simple to use, this travel system enables a one-hand fold for a fast breakdown so you can set up and break it down in a hurry. The stroller component holds 44-lbs and reclines for when baby is ready to sleep. It’s equipped with an adjustable bar that moves from 26″-inches to 38.5-inches and is puncture-proofed and offers a curb pop for easy travel when walking in the city.

RECARO Performance Denali and Coupe Travel System

Small and easy to handle this RECARO Performance Denali and Count Baby Travel System offers a quick fold that’s easily maneuvered using only one hand to ensure fast and easy access when you’re ready to go. The stroller holds your child up to 50-lbs, which means you’ll get years of service from this one product alone. The car seat will hold your baby up to 35-lbs and is compact and lightweight, making it ideal when you’re moving the car seat to the stroller or using the system as a stand-alone carrier. The cloud comfort memory foam that comes installed in this travel system provides a comfy, cozy contouring material for your baby; keeping them extra-protected from bumps. It’s design is inspired by racing as it’s designed to provide your little one with ultra protected from side impacts.

Britax 2017 B-Agile/B-Safe 35 Travel System

A brand that features soft-impact Base and side impact protection, Britax, especially with this Baby Travel Combo System, didn’t disappoint when it comes to quality, safety, and convenience. It comes equipped with a LATCH system that works to make it easy for you to install the car seat with easy-to-pull straps. This Britax system also offers the Click & Go System, which provide you with a handle that releases quickly when attaching to the Britax stroller. With a one-hand-needed foldable design, you’ll be able to close this durably made stroller in a cinch. It’s lightweight because its frame is constructed of strong aluminum, but it’s also easy to carry. Showcasing a shell that’s lined with foam, this system was designed with baby in mind to keep the shielded at all times.

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